Types of Commercial Fishing Nets In 2021

Types of Commercial Fishing Nets In 2021 | Commercial Fishing Methods

Commercial Fishing Methods

If you are searching for commercial fishing methods then this is the right area to know about the information of types of commercial fishing nets.

A fishery is incompletely outlined in the best way that it’s trapped. Gear choice performs a significant position in figuring out the value, effectivity, and bycatch of a fishery. In this publish, we clarify all the varied strategies to get fish out of the water and onto your dish.

The determine under reveals the quantity of wild-caught fisheries by fishing technique

Fishing with Nets

Whenever you consider industrial fishing you in all probability consider massive, large nets jumping up a college of fish. You’re not unsuitable! Over 80% of fish are caught through nets. There are a number of completely different sorts, although:

Purse Seine

In purse seine fishing, the most typical approach fish are caught, a ship locates a college of fish, then, utilizing both a crane or small boat, takes one finish of internet across the college and again to the fishing vessel.

The ends of the web are synched collectively like a drawstring bag and pulled aboard with the fish inside. As a result of purse seining targets a specific college of fish after it has been positioned, bycatch is extraordinarily low. 

Typically fishing boats will deploy floating objects like massive rafts or floating barrels to draw fish (fish love construction); these fish aggregating units (FADs) make seining a lot simpler by decreasing gas use and time spent in search of colleges of fish, nonetheless FADs additionally appeal to different marine life and bycatch is increased.

Over half of all tuna is caught utilizing purse seines; when utilizing FADs bycatch ranges between 1-8%, whereas without FADs bycatch is lower than 1%.


Trawling is dragging the internet by means of the water behind a ship. There are two completely different sorts: backside trawls and midwater trawls.

Backside trawl

Backside trawls contain weighing an internet all the way down to the seafloor then dragging it throughout the underside to scoop up fish.

Bycatch is just not overly regarding with backside trawls, however, habitat harm is. Sandy bottoms and rocky environments regenerate pretty rapidly after a backside trawl internet comes by means of, however, backside trawls can considerably affect delicate habitats like deepwater coral or sponge gardens.

Good fishery administration ensures that backside trawling is completed in sustainable areas and never in locations with irreplaceable habitat.

Midwater trawl

Midwater trawls pull an internet by means of the water off the underside. Bycatch is low.


Gillnets are set as much as be a wall with holes in it. Fish innocently swim into it and get caught.

Gillnets don’t require a ship with a giant engine so they’re typically utilized in much less developed areas of the world. Gillnets have probably the most bycatch of any form of fishing internet. 

However, their use has been declining. Gillnets might be sustainable in some circumstances, for instance, salmon congregate at choke factors that may be walled off without affecting different species.

Gill nets that aren’t set at a specific location and drift with the present are referred to as drift nets. These even have critical points with bycatch.

Fishing with line


Longlines are very lengthy fishing strains that have a hook every few ft. They are often many miles lengthy.

Bycatch in longline fisheries is extremely variable relying on the fishery. Halibut longlines in Alaska have little or no bycatch whereas longlines meant to reap tuna catch about 20% bycatch. 

Points in longlining are extra frequent in fisheries near the floor the place seabirds, sharks, and turtles get caught consuming baited hooks. 

Laws are higher in increased capability nations the place fishery managers can require specialized hooks and weights that scale back bycatch.

Pole and line

A fishing pole and line caught fish exclusively. There isn’t a worry over bycatch. 

Harvesting Shellfish


Dredging is just like backside trawling, however as an alternative to internet, a metallic rake of types is dragged throughout the underside to gather shellfish and bivalves buried within the substrate, e.g. scallops, clams, or mussels.

Bycatch is low however the identical issues apply for backside trawling: good fishery administration ensures that dredging is completed in sustainable sandy areas and never in locations with irreplaceable habitat

Traps and Pots

Traps and pots are primarily used to catch invertebrates like crab and lobster. Traps or pots are dropped to the underside with bait to draw crab and lobster. 

As soon as they crawl inside, they will escape and are pulled again to the floor when the fishers return. Bycatch is just not an issue, however, generally, gear will get swept away or fishers neglect the place they set their traps.

This has led to some whale entanglements, notably on the West Coast of the U.S. Some states have begun providing rewards to individuals who acquire escaped traps and pots.


Some industrial fisheries, like sea urchin, geoduck, and sea cucumber are harvested by divers.

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